Oh Jane Krakowski in 30 Rock, how perfect you are… 

Alec Baldwin is really just a dream, isn’t he? LOVE the way this plays out - watch to the end!

I love how weird this is. Really endearing and completely feels ad-libbed whether it was or not! The soy moment and the shot of the girl washing dishes through the wall partition are superb. Can I work here please?

I love how Ellen can turn her hand to talking about anything. And the items on her show are always inventive. And it doesn’t matter if the jokes really work or not, she’ll just laugh it off. 

Fuck this a good live performance… Do I hear the distant sound of Selena Gomez cursing?

This picture brings me so much inexplicable joy

This picture brings me so much inexplicable joy

And this is what I’ll be doing later.

This is just fucking effortless and fucking awesome stand up comedy.

This is basically crack for me

I’ve just realised that Joan Cusack is one of my biggest comic influences #DebbieJellinsky